Mobile Broadcast with "Nokia PodCast"

Podcasting is a method of publishing multimedia files via the Internet, which is always updated periodically. So far most of the sound file (audio), although later many video files created podcasts.
To get this podcast, the user must "subscribe" first. That is, they must have podcatching application or applications are also called his agretator installed on the computer or other device. This application will periodically monitor the latest changes or updates of these files.

Podcast now not just a computer domination. Mobile devices such as pocket PC's can create a podcast application. Nokia has released a Beta version for the Nokia Podcasting application. With this application, users can download and play podcasts at the same time in his handphonenya. We recommend this new Nokia Nokia Podcasting application for N91, though this software is really designed for mobile phones using the Symbian operating system 60 3rd edition.

Features Nokia Podcasting is already pretty full when compared with podcatching software on your PC. There are search features, subscribe, update, download over the air, manage and playback through the music player application on the phone. Users can also share files with other users via Bluetooth or MMS.
To download get into Live search Nokia_Podcasting_Beta.sis files, which size is only about 182 KB. We can download via PC and transfer via Bluetooth or IrDA to a phone. Or it could be through the PC Suite with the data cable.

Here is a detailed explanation for managing the Nokia Podcasting application,

Once installed, the Podcasting application will appear in the menu. For example the Nokia N91, go to Menu> My Own> Podcasting. Podcasting from the main menu, go to Option, continued to Settings. Select Connection to set the access point and connect to the Internet. We define this connection before downloading our podcasts to mobile phones.

Default access point it Always Ask. This setting will ask you to always set the connection at the time to download podcasts. There are several options Point access list, and hold press Select. For the N91, already support a WLAN, so we also can choose WLAN for connections. To setup a WLAN, we can set from the main menu. Menu> Connect> Conn. Mgr> Available WLAN.

To perform a search service URL, enter the Search Service URL. Default Staying just change our liking. Download it Settting we also defined. Here we can determine where the files will be stored (if the hard drive or memory), continued his update interval. Download limit can also be set (eg a 500 KB). If the limit is more than that, can stop. This is to avoid the excess time download podcasts.
Anyway, do not forget to check the system mobile internet tariff system with our service before using the connection. There are operators who use the pattern of flat rate and there is also a time base. Do not get downloaded because of the greatness, we continue to pulse out. Understand it, the tariff for download via mobile phones is still considered expensive, because using kb

Now go to the search menu. From the menu> search. We can typing whatever we want. Jazz Music For instance if you want to search for jazz music or the World Cup if you want to find a podcast about the world cup. Later will come the search results. Then we can download if you've met with the demand.

Podcasting DIRECTORY
Sign in to directory menu (Menu> Directory). This directory to help find a popular podcast, or who is generally recommended. We could update this directory from the Internet. Here are Digital Podcast Theme folder, in which we can find other folders. For example Healt & Fitness, Music, News, and others. Inside this folder there is another category podcat. For example jazz, rock, and others. The yellow is the folder in which there is another file. We can also delete this folder by selecting Options> Delete.
We can also make a new podcast directory. Log in to the main menu, continue to select Directory. Click the option, new> web directory. We can type the name of the directory will be created and then select Directory URL, and hold OK.

In addition, we also can import OPML files (Outline Processor Markup Language). This OPML file is an XML file format which is a summary of our podcasts will download. This file can we share to other users or can we also received and stored in our favorite folders.
We can import OPML files received via Bluetooth, MMS or email. At the moment we receive an OPML file via Bluetooth, for example, will appear at the phone messaging inbox. Open the message, then automatically the question "Import OPML File to Podcasting Directories? Select Yes.
We will continue to receive the message "Imported. Start Podcasting application to subscreue the imported podcatts ". Well, we're ready to do podcasting. A Receiver files will appear in the directory Podcsating, following earlier imported links. Open this folder to sucbscribe to those links and add the Podcasts.

Another way to import an OPML file is a direct download from the internet which then transferred to the phone from the PC. Then save the hardrive or phone memory. Opiton menu, and select Import scrolldown OPML file. Select the memory location where the files will be stored (phone memory or hard drive).

Download podcasts episodes
By the time we finished to update the podcast, we can see how many episodes are already available for download or updated periodically.
To choose the episode that will be downloaded, podcasting from the menu, select Podcasts. Select a title from the list of podcasts is to see the episodes that are available. Use the joystick to navigate the episode that will be downloaded and select Start for direct download. Usually there is information from the file, such as file format (AAC MP3.; 3GP) and size (how many MB) and how long it eposidet there.
We can download the episode directly, or can also see a preview first. If you want to preview first, select Options and then Play Preview. If we need to refresh manually to Play Review, during playback, click Back> Options> Play Preview.

If you want to download, immediately press download. If the file has finished downloading, you can select Play on the Option to play it. Already downloaded podcasts can we play with the music player feature on our phone.

All of our podcasts or subscribe from an Internet Search Directory will be shown in the menu Podscasts. When we click on the title Podcast, we'll see the list of episodes available for download. To add manually, from the Podcast menu, go to options, select New Podcsat. Enter the Podcast URL, then OK. Updating process will start automatically.

Play PodCast
Like pretty much over, we can play a podcast with the music player (if his audio files). Log into the music player menu. From here we can select by genre. Continue to select Podcasts, will appear ist bebreapal we've downloaded. Live press Ok to play it.

We can share podcasts via Bluetooth or MMS. To send a link to a podcast, go to the Podcasts menu. To send, go to the Directories menu, highlight on our podcast, and hold option, select send. Live like Bluettoth or sent via Multimedia. The principle is similar to sending other file.


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